17 things you need to take with you when traveling with your dog

Tips and Tricks // April 2019
Chihuahua Pablo inside the carrier at Terceira island airport

When travelling with dogs is better to prepare everything in advance. You need to make sure you will not forget anything important. I use to have a list in my Evernote app with all items I should take with me wherever I go on vacation or just for the weekend with my dog.

That’s the list I’m sharing with you below. I hope you can make good use of it!

Pablo’s Travel List

1. Vaccination Card

Wherever you go with your dog on vacation or just for the weekend, take his vaccination card with you (printable version). You may need it if anyone asks for it in the hotel or flight check-in just to check if your pet has the vaccines up to date.

2. Passport (only when travelling by plane)

When travelling by plane you will need your dog passport for the flight check-in. You should ask your veterinarian for this document two months before the flight to guarantee everything will be with you at the moment you will travel.

3. Veterinarian Letter (only when travelling by plane)

Ask your veterinarian for a letter where he reports your dog examination and guarantee your dog is ok to travel to other countries. You might be asked for that document at the airport.

4. Flight ticket (only when travelling by plane)

Obviously, you can’t forget your dog flight ticket. Keep it next to your documents so you will not leave it behind.

5. Sleeping Pill

I only give the sleeping pill (vetranquil more precisely) to Pablo when travelling by plane, but if your pet has problems traveling inside his carrier (for example by train) or if he pukes in the car all the time, talk about vetranquil with your veterinarian. He may prescribe it to your dog or other similar for the occasion.

6. Dog carrier

I take Pablo’s carrier with me when travelling by plane (authorized for plane flight) or by train. In the car I use the car leash with his harness. I also have one backpack carrier when I go to big cities in my country; when is too hot for him to walk or when I need to enter spaces not so pet friendly (like a restaurant, for example).

7. Car leash

Pablo uses this leash when travelling by car. I also take it with me when I plan to rent a car at the destination. It’s a good idea to take it with you, especially if your dog doesn’t like to be inside the carrier.

8. Harness

Always use a harness with Pablo to prevent neck injuries, but in this particular situation, I use the harness to attach to the car leash.

9. Leash

No need to explain… just to remember!

10. Dog Pad

I always put one dog pad inside the carrier, but only when travelling by plane or train. It was never necessary, but just in case your dog needs to pee while travelling. Pablo stays a little dizzy when takes vetranquil (for example) so actually he can pee without notice, but I never had an accident like that when flying. Just in case…

11. Toys

Take at least the favorite toy of your dog with him, so he can feel more familiar with his home environment when he’s away from it.

12. Clothes

One outfit in case it is cold in your destination, or for cold dog walks at night.

13. Blanket

I use to put in the carrier two blankets for him to sleep, because he always like to hide under the blankets when he wants to take a nap.

14. Dog food

That’s optional, as you can buy your dog food at the destination, but I use to carry with me the necessary food for the vacation.

15. Cookies

Yes, Pablo is very greedy! I never forget his cookies so he can always eat the same he eats at home and gets a reward every time he does something awesome.

16. Two bowls

For water and food. I have two foldable bowls, so I can carry them with me everywhere. It’s very good when you’re out for hiking with your dog. You can buy them online at Tienda Animal.

17. Bone

And of course… I couldn’t forget one big bone so he can have fun for a while and clean his teeth.

That’s all! It’s not a lot of things, but if I don’t have a list, it is enough for me to forget about something. So… if you’re like me and you want to be sure don’t forget about anything, I hope this list will help you out.

If you thing something is missing, please send us a message in the comments!

Have fun!

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