Buddha Eden Park, Lourinhã

Pablo Friendly Spots // May 2019

We loved nature and we decided to get to know the Buddha Eden Park.

Unfortunately, in Portugal is common that pets are not allowed in many public spaces like parks. We even have a public park in Torres Vedras that has a statue dedicated to the dog breed from that region but guess what? Pets are not allowed to walk there. That’s why whenever we decide to visit a particular spot, we have to know first if we are allowed to cross the “gate” or some kind of imaginary line (irony here… sorry).

It was a great surprise that on the Buddha Eden Park Facebook page, we discovered that Pablo could walk since he was on the leash. I’m not usually a pessimistic person, but I’m planning to go to this park for a long time and automatically thought  that I couldn’t take Pablo with me. Luckily I was mistaken and we spent a very pleasant afternoon. We recommend it to all our friends! Go there and take your pet (by the leash, of course), as it is an opportunity for the curious noses try different smells while the owners also contemplate enchanted paths and statues from the east.

Pablo and the warriors…

Pablo was fascinated with a bunch of noisy geese that live there. He lay for a long moment in silence, hidden behind a stone wall, gazing at those big birds so strange to him. After complete analysis we continued our way.

Tickets cost € 5 per person. There is a train in which for € 4 you can rest your legs and see the sights. There is also a coffee with a terrace where you can take a short break. The rest is all about enjoying the landscape. Good spot!

Check this Pablo Friendly Spot in the map below:

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