How to protect your chihuahua from cold weather during winter time

Tips and Tricks // January 2019

Wintertime is probably the worst season for chihuahuas. They love hot weather and usually they hate clothes. So wintertime is not a welcome season for most of them. Pablo is a chihuahua with short hair and because of that I had to learn how to keep him warm and cozy during winter.

The basic thing is I have to dress my dog when going outside. Otherwise, he won’t walk. He would just lay down on the floor and refuse to walk when he is cold. When we reach November, I have to take Pablo clothes out from the closet to take him outside.

It’s not very good for their hair and skin to be dressed all day. As Pablo has short hair, he tends to lose some hair if he gets dressed during long periods of time. So he only uses clothes to go outside and to sleep at night during our coldest months (from December to February).

The hot water bottle

There’s a good tip I got from a friend when Pablo was only two months old and he really loves it. It’s the hot water bottle. Yes, you have to be careful and don’t use it if your dog loves to chew things. But if he doesn’t chew everything around him, he will love it like Pablo and you won’t worry again about cold nights.
I would recommend you to buy the bottle of water at the pharmacy (for security and product quality reasons); always make sure the bottle is tightly closed and wrap it with a blanket.
Check the video we made with Pablo on the top of this page and see how we do it!


  • It’s comfy for your dog, no hard material;
  • It lasts for a few ours, but enough for a night;


  • It uses hot water, so you have to be careful not to burn your dog skin;
  • Not recommended for dogs that like to chew;

The SnuggleSafe

If you are afraid using the hot water bottle, you can also use the SnuggleSafe Heat Pad. We tried it and it also works fine. We just have to heat the pad in the microwave for 6 minutes, put inside the fleece cover and leave it under Pablo’s pillow. The heat lasts for about 10 hours. So it’s a good tip too for cold nights. I bought mine at Tienda Animal for 17,99€ and you can find it in other online shops too.


  • Heated quickly and easily in the microwave;
  • Stays warm for up to 10 hours;
  • No water-filling necessary;
  • Absolutely safe and non-toxic: no wires & bite-resistant;
  • Includes a fleece cover (no choice of design);
  • Especially well-suited for newborns, older, ill, or nursing pets.


  • Because the pad stays under the pillow the heat is not so stronger;
  • The pad is made with a hard material, so it’s not comfy to be on top of the pillow if we would like it warmer;

Hope you like our tips to help your dog be more comfortable during wintertime. If you have any other ideas feel free to leave them in the comments box below. We love to discover new things!

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