Letter to my living dog

Stories // September 2019
Pablo and I

Some time ago, I read a sad story about an owner who just lost his dog. Like many others, would you think. At the end I struggled to hide the tears in my eyes. I just couldn’t imagine the day you would go away…

I don’t want to write a goodbye letter…

You’re still alive, healthy and full of energy as it supposed to be at your age. You just turn three years old today. If life goes on its natural course, someday (far, far away, I hope) I will have to let you go. If not… I guarantee you will have someone to love you like I do after I left.

When you entered my life, I didn’t believe I could love a pet like I do. My stories with furry friends never had happy endings and I become unbeliever of the feelings I could ever have about a dog.

Well… you came in. At the beginning it felt a little strange, like “don’t get too attached to him”, but you made me laugh. You were very, very tiny when I met you, and somehow it looked like if I sneeze you would fall.

You conquered my heart with your joy. You’re always there for me. When I get home from work, you wag your tail the same way every day. Your eyes… I know how you feel by the way you look at me.

When bad times arrises you get your best toy in front of me, like an opportunity to forget about my nightmares with a playful moment. And you know I’m not in the mood. But you’re a stubborn and I’m easy. We make a good team. Don’t you think?

You conquered my trust and I confess: you keep my best secrets. Thank God you don’t talk! I don’t mind if you bark my thoughts to others. It seems safe.

If you’re not feeling good, everything stops! When you got sick for the first time, I got sick with you. I just couldn’t leave you alone at the vet. So I stayed there… with a knot in my throat. So, please be careful with what you find on the floor while I’m distracted.

I love to prepare your bed every night… Yes, I know people think I’m crazy. Who cares? Every night I prepare your bed, with cookies included, your favorite toy and a blanket ready for you to hide underneath. In wintertime you get my hot water bottle and I feel happy to know you will be ok.

I love when you sleep on my lap while I watch my favorite series or when you try to fit on my legs between my belly and my laptop. “A blanket, please!” that’s what you ask with your eyes. When you finally find a position, you just take a deep breath and fall asleep with your cutest noises.

I just keep a stupid smile on my face and feel happy to know you’re happy too.

When we are no longer together, I know I will miss you every day. I’ll miss when with your little nose you push my arm to ask me to scratch your back; when you sit on my lap waiting for the blanket for a cozy nap; or when you rest your little paws on my chest and do not take your nose away from mine until I scratch your back; your angry look when you find the neighbor (I know he is ugly); when you’re barking at the new car on our street; how you learned to hunt the crickets on hot summer nights and to see you running out of my bedroom with a sock in your mouth like if you’ve done the biggest trick of your life. I will miss opening your cookie box and seeing you going to your bed for cookies before sleep and how you always look at me at the right time to go outside. I will miss so many things that I prefer to say while they make me smile.

I hope you know what you mean to me. I hope you understand you are part of my family, that you make me a better person every day and that I always try my best to give you a happy and healthy life. I just hope you’re having so much fun as I do. I believe so.

And no… I don’t want to write a goodbye letter one day… so let’s pretend we could be together forever.

Happy birthday my sweet little friend.

With love.
Your human mom.

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