Lima Escape, Gerês

Pablo Friendly Spots // December 2018

Summer is our favorite season: hot; cicadas singing during the day; smell like warm land; flowers and season food. Pablo can walk and show his blond hair in the sun without the winter clothes that he hates so much. That being said, It is the time of the year that we usually use to go on vacation and meet new Pablo Friendly Spots.

Gerês is one of our favorite places for the natural beauty and activities that it offers. We love long walks along the paths of the natural park with the sound of beautiful waterfalls and streams that we discover along the way.

Walk by the river…

The place we present you today has received our visit twice. Oh yeah! Pablo besides already being considered a regular customer is also very cherished by the owners who already expect to see him as soon as we book our stay. We’re talking about Lima Escape: a new concept of camping in which you can rent a tree house and enjoy a beautiful vacation to rest with Lima river as background.

Pablo Friendly Spot

The houses are super cozy, with salamander (for those who travel on cold days), kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and balcony with the perfect view for a mindfulness session. The park is great for hiking and you can also find a playground, volley field and a big space for barbecues and lunches with friends. We also found inside the park the Taberna do Artur, a typical Portuguese restaurant with wines and delicious meals from the region.

Pablo stays with the owners in the house and walks freely in the park. It is perfect for his peaceful walks where new and different scents abound in nature. Pablo loves flowers so we could not give him a better place to relax.

Room with a view…

This is one of our favorite places to spend vacation with our friend Pablo and we recommend to all who enjoy nature and traveling with the whole family (pets obviously included). Come by, try a dinner (at least) at Adega do Artur; send greetings from Pablo and tell them that he will be back again very soon!

Check this Pablo Friendly Spot in the map below:

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