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Stories // July 2018
Chihuahua Pablo and I at Lagoa do Congro

Hello there! My name is Carolina. I’m an UI Designer and Front-end Developer from Portugal. In the last year I felt like I needed a furry friend to cheer up my life. Some people have kids… I have a dog.

His name is Pablo because when he came into my life I was watching Narcos, a serie about Pablo Escobar. Pablo is also a mexican name; chihuahua breed is from Mexico, so why not? When we want to look good in the picture his name was inspired by Pablo Picasso, Neruda or any other Pablo that fits the occasion.

You can check Pablo story in The Life of Pablo.

I discovered that chihuahuas don’t have such a good reputation to lots of people I know… They’re ugly, noisy, not a dog at all, too small, too everything… and besides that I also figured out that I couldn’t take him everywhere: there’s a lot of public parks, beaches, restaurants and hotels in Portugal that don’t allow dogs.

I thought that my dog was in fact too damn small to leave him in a hotel with larger dogs, while I would go on vacation… Due to his size, he can easily get hurt while playing with stronger dogs and not everyone is aware of that or care about it. In resume: I had a problem. So I decided to start looking for hotels that would accept him, so I can took him with me on vacation, and decided to share these kind of lovely places in this blog.

We discovered our mission:

– Convince other people to travel with their dogs;
– Show to hotel, airlines and restaurant managers that there’s no problem with accepting small dogs in their business;
– Reduce abandonment during vacation season;
– Happier families with happier dogs;
– Show that chihuahuas are the cutest creatures in the world;


– Share good and positive experiences;
– Publish reviews about hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches and airlines that accept small dogs;
– Give dog owners tips to travel with their furry friends;

Based on these goals we created our main subjects:

Travel: tips to travel with dogs (example: Pablo the Chihuahua that Discovered Azores);
Pablo Friendly Spots: hotels that allow dogs to spend the night with their owners; restaurants that don’t mind to leave your dog to come in; beaches open for your dog the entire year; public parks with no “forbidden dogs” sign; etc… (example: Vacation with your Chihuahua: Quinta da Barroca);
Pablito Fashion Week: once a year we share wonderful outfits for your chihuahua;
Freebies: campaigns, contests, promos, good stuff for your dog (example: Win a Barkyn Promo Code);
– Everything related with chihuahua breed that somehow we found useful for you and your little friend;

And of course, we will share our adventures as the best testimonials you could ever have. It’s free. We will be sharing our tips on the way, as we travel, as we discover new things. Our tips are mainly in Portugal, because it is here that we are most of our time (till now, we never know) but when we go on vacation to other countries we will be sharing also good spots for you to stay with your chihuahua.

We invite you to sign up our newsletter in the form below, so you will be the first to know our discoveries or secret spots to have fun with your dog. We really don’t spam, we just want to let you know we have something good to share with you.

If you don’t like newsletters, we are also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bloglovin’ and around here, in our blog. You can also reach us by email by sending us a message on our Contact page.

In the meantime, we would also love to know new spots where we can travel together (newbies here), so if you know any place that allow small dogs to spend the night with their owners just share with us in the comments box below and we will add it to our list, try it and write a review about it. Maybe we can meet each other on our next travel adventure!

Thanks for reading, have fun and hope to see you around!

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