Poço das Mantas, Soajo

Pablo Friendly Spots // August 2019
Chihuahua Pablo swimming in a natural pool at Soajo (Gerês)

We discovered this place, maybe 3 years ago during one of our trips to Gerês in the spring. At that time we did not save the location coordinates on our GPS and when we wanted to go back it was not so simple to find this little paradise. We had only a small idea that it was near the village of Soajo.

On our last visit, it was summer, it was very hot and Pablo already existed in my life. We wanted a place to refresh and swim for a while and we remembered to look for our secret little spot.

After a few turns we found the desired place. Animals are allowed and humans too. Everyone went into the water. Pablo included!

The water is clear and fresh. Wonderful during hot weather. The place is quiet. I never saw it full of people. We found only two or three families there. It is beside the road, next to the village of Soajo (Gerês) and you are able to park the car near some trees. The perfect spot for a picnic and a good summer swim.

We spent a beautiful afternoon there before returning to our favorite camping site in Gerês: Lima Escape.

Now we know the way! Below we leave the map for you to find it too.

Happy travels!

Check this Pablo Friendly Spot in the map below:

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