Porto da Areia Norte, Peniche

Pablo Friendly Spots // August 2018
Chihuahua Pablo at the beach with his tongue out

I love to go to the beach. For me it’s the ideal place to recharge energies. During the non-bathing seasons, Pablo goes with me.

It seems that he’s also in therapy while releasing all his energy rolling in the sand; wetting his whiskers; smelling different aromas that come from the sea; barking to the seagulls and trying to bite the sand that jumps in front of his little paws as he runs chasing the wind. A real joy to watch.

In the summer, all of this ends up to Pablo. Each year ends sooner and starts later due to tourist flood that we had in the last years.

Summer is my season. Heat, sun, sand, sea and all that relates to it. Due to the weekly bustle my time to go there is short but very valuable. It makes me sad that in a country by the sea as mine, there is not one beach (at least) per county that allows the presence of dogs on the leash. Leaving Pablo at home leaves me with a heavy conscience, because I know how much he would love. If everything goes as I think Nature has planned, Pablo’s life will be considerably shorter than mine and therefore I want to give him the best while he’s here.

So, I decided to start the hunting season for dog beaches in my country and at the date of this article, there are already 4 in Portugal for Pablo to have fun during the summer. We want to know them all and hope one day we’ll have one near home.

We tried one of them. It is called Porto da Areia Norte in Peniche and it was the first canine beach in Portugal. It is 1 hour by car from our residence.

We left early, with cookies (human and canine), toys, water, towels and Pablo’s favorite friend: Sookie, the street dog. Good times shared with best friends are unforgettable and we wanted a special day. Arriving at the beach we came across the sign that identifies that place as a canine beach; poop bags and the warning of animals always on the leash. Smiles on the faces. After all, paradise exists! Pablo ran like hell; ate sand as usual and took a bath from a wave that just wet my feet. We had lots of fun. When we were back home, Pablo slept the rest of the day, certainly dreaming about the happy times on the beach.

Pablo playing at the beach with Sookie.
Pablo playing at the beach with Sookie.

As the owner of Pablo, I just have to thank those who allowed us a summer day with no heavy conscience. We think this is a good example to the other counties in Portugal.

Now, I’m proud to ask: who the hell said dogs don’t go to the beach during summertime?

Check this Pablo Friendly Spot in the map below:

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