Praia do Coral, Viana do Castelo

Pablo Friendly Spots // July 2019
Dog walk at Praia do Coral

All dogs love the beach. I haven’t met any that doesn’t. Pablo is no exception and I, his owner, are not either. Luckily I have the sea at my doorstep and I can’t imagine living away from it. If this is my future someday, I will certainly have to schedule regular visits, because the sun, sand and sea are part of my DNA.

As Pablo is a chip off the old block, he is also a beach fan. He loves it so much that anyone who sees him in the sand fears he will double his small size by the amount of sand he eats. Yes, Pablo loves to eat sand. It’s weird I know… but people are weird too.

If you don’t have a dog, you could hunt with a cat (portuguese use to say that), but they also often oppose the presence of animals on the beach when the weather is good for sunbathing. Because of this, for a long time dogs were not allowed to enter the beaches during the bathing season.

Fortunately there are good people and some municipalities have decided to open one beach for the four-legged vacationers during the bathing season. We have already talked about a beach in Peniche but this time we will talk about one in Viana do Castelo. It’s called Praia do Coral and it’s magnificent.

Pablo playing at Praia do Coral, Viana do Castelo.
Pablo playing at Praia do Coral, Viana do Castelo.

When we went to Praia do Coral, we expected (I confess) a small beach, full of stones in the sand (those that make your feet hurt), difficult access, rough seas and ugly and all those other characteristics that make an unpleasant place and that could be for the dogs… and their owners. For my surprise, besides the beach being practically empty (because it’s a dog beach), it was super clean and best of all, the beach was big and nice and the seawater was flat. Everyone could swim. Even Pablo wasn’t afraid of the waves that didn’t exist. The beach is indeed very friendly and we will be back.

Pablo at Praia do Coral, Viana do Castelo.
Pablo at Praia do Coral, Viana do Castelo.

Next to the beach we found a cafe / restaurant with a very nice terrace where you can have a meal and have your dog next to you. We also tried and recommend!

It’s a perfect place to rest and sunbathing, swim and take your dog with you, away from critical, angry, allergic eyes and fines for having your dog next to you. Wonderful, isn’t it? We liked it too.

Thank’s Viana do Castelo! You have a special place in our hearts.

Check this Pablo Friendly Spot in the map below:

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