Quinta de Santana, São Miguel, Azores

Pablo Friendly Spots // March 2019

Azores is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. We have been in São Miguel, the main Azorian island. We found wonderful places for hiking, enjoyed gorgeous landscapes and had lots of fun. You can check in this article the places we visited while we were there.

To stay, we found a wonderful place called Quinta de Santana, near Rabo de Peixe (a small fishermen town). It’s a small farm with magic gardens and fountains; one pool; football park; chickens; a horse and lots of cats. Pablo walked everywhere and ran a lot in the football park. You have green card to take your pet with you for walks wherever you want.

Pablo playing in the football park.

The room was super cozy. It was a small studio with a bathroom and a kitchen. You can prepare your meals and lunch also outside. We had a table for two right in front of our room.

Pablo stayed with us in the room and sometimes we had to leave him alone in the studio to visit some places in the island where pets were not allowed. We felt very comfortable with that situation and Pablo just took great naps when he couldn’t go around with us. But he has visited the majority places with us in the island. You can take your pet with you for long walks in the nature with no forbidden animal sign.

Pablo by the pool in the sunlight.

We recommend Quinta de Santana to you if you are planning to travel to São Miguel in Azores because we obviously loved the experience. Book your stay at Booking.com and send us greetings from there! Have fun!

Check this Pablo Friendly Spot in the map below:

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