The Life of Pablo

Stories // September 2017

This is Pablo. Born in Guarda (Portugal) at the end of the summer of 2016, he headed to his new homeland almost two months after in an autumn afternoon. This is the beginning of his story.

Until I met Pablo for the first time, I had never known a chihuahua. Never crossed my mind to have one and never heard kind words regarding their temper. Actually, I was afraid that maybe these indicators were not good signs.

When I thought for the first time that “it would be funny to have a friend like this”, I quickly got the first negative comments from several friends, including the veterinarians of my cats. I confess: it was not such a good idea to verbalize this will. Aggressive, noisy, destructive, energetic and hair everywhere! Not to mention the idea that they are ugly and the irritating little dogs from Hollywood stars (or Cascais, here on this side of the ocean).

These were some of the arguments that slowly erased a smile on my face but thanks to little Panchino I started to challenge some opinions. I saw dozens of videos of Nic and Pancho; others about how to care for chihuahuas; read articles about their origin and other reviews scattered around. At the end I was confused…

There was a day in which after much conversation, the stars lined up and I went to meet Pablo. No commitments. When I first saw him, he hadn’t two months yet. Fit in the palm of my hand. A dark brown little ball with very little hair; chilly; agitated and very curious.

Briefly I remembered the negative voices anti-chihuahuas and asked myself if I was prepared to be a responsible owner. And if it all goes wrong? There may be a high probability of that happening but what the heck! I was more than 200 miles from home in a late autumnal cold and rainy Saturday. I wouldn’t have spent my day off in vain for a doubt based on stereotypes. Not today!

Having said that, my mind was made up: Pablo was going home with me. And so it was. Today is his first birthday and we are very happy 🙂

Happy Birthday Pablito!

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