Three Airline Approved Carriers for your dog

Tips and Tricks // February 2019
Chihuahua Pablo inside the carrier

Do you want to travel with your dog and need a carrier to take him with you? We thought it would be a good idea to share with you our experience.

We have 2 carriers for Pablo but only one is allowed to be used on the plane, because of its size. We are talking about chihuahuas, so you should already know that they can travel by your side in the cabin. You just have to check with the airline company a few things: if they allow dogs to travel in the cabin; the carrier maximum size allowed on the plane and the maximum weight allowed (dog + carrier). After that, the search experience is endless, but not necessarily easy.

You have to check each carrier size (pay attention not to exceed the airline limits); the carrier weight; see if it is comfortable for your dog and has to retain the dog fluids.

These were our favorite carriers when we were in a hurry to find one to travel with Pablo. We got the first from the following list.

1. Petsfit Expandable Travel (link)

This one was our choice. We bought it at Amazon and we choose it because it fits the TAP Airline requirements such as size and weight; it’s comfortable; retain dog fluid (but I always use a pee pad inside) and the most important thing about this carrier is that allow extra space with a tent style. So, if it’s possible, we open the side tent and Pablo gets more space inside. We thought it was pretty cool and used it when we flight to Azores. It went perfectly fine.

In the vídeo below you can watch Pablo being introduced to this carrier for the first time.

2. Amazon Basics Black Soft-Sided Pet Carrier (link)

This one was also a good carrier that we found in our search results. It is approved for most airline companies and it also has a mat inside. We think it is a good option too.

3. Bark-n-Barg (link)

This one was our first option when we were searching for carriers, but unfortunately it was not available. It has a good size, but I recommend to check your dog size first to be sure it is not too small for him.

We hope you like our suggestions. We would love to hear from you and we invite you to share with us your experience and which carrier do you use to travel with your dog by plane.

Thanks for reading and have a safe flight!

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