Two years and counting!

Stories // September 2018

Two years of dog and a big adventure. Every year we like to make a video for Pablo’s birthday with the most remarkable moments.

This year is no exception. It looks like we’ve already made many… well, this is just the second! That way we keep our memories alive and we have some to keep for the future and share with you.

We did not run away from My Pocket Dog mission and we traveled through Portugal searching for new Pablo Friendly Spots. We found some.

We went to the north and discovered Quinta da Barroca in Armamar. A spectacular place to rest a few days in the nature. To get there, Pablo made his first trip by bus, subway and train. A big adventure…!

In June we teamed up together for Portugal in the World Cup. We did not go far in the championship, but we had fun! We visited the grandmother in the nursing home; celebrated our first Halloween; learned to shut up the crickets like Sookie; walked in the countryside and by the sea.

We spent a late afternoon in Santa Cruz and entered a pet friendly restaurant with beach view: Boca Santa. We continued to Lamego to discover Casa da Real Companhia, a place where we made friends for life and spent the hottest days of this summer of 2018.

To refresh nothing better than a dive in the sea. It was then that we discovered the first canine beach of Portugal: Porto da Areia Norte in Peniche. We loved it and recommend it!

We traveled with our friends from Northern Europe to Viana do Castelo and we met another canine beach that we will share with you soon. Then we finished the vacation season in Gerês. A place that we will introduce you in more detail soon, after choosing the best photos. Stay tuned!

We also had our mishaps. In April Pablo got sick for the first time. Severe gastroenteritis cost us almost two weeks of worry, but thanks to our vets we had a happy ending and we were able to return to our adventures!

It was a great year for Pablo that ended with a great chihuahua party by Click last weekend!
We hope the next one will be even better and full of only good things!
We share with you this short video with our memories from last year so we can celebrate together the second anniversary of my best and faithful friend.

Happy birthday Pablo!

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