Urban Park in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores

Pablo Friendly Spots // October 2019
Dog walk at Ponta Delgada Urban Park

If there was a place where my vacation was enjoyable with Pablo, it was in Azores. Apart from being a fantastic place to rest, it is a place where we can also find a lot to do, see and explore.

For those traveling with animals, São Miguel is a place to go. It’s a nature trip where most of the activities are outdoors and for those who enjoy long walks in natural places they will love to do them with their dog by their side.

One of the places that surprised me most positively, being able to walk my dog ​​freely, was the Ponta Delgada Urban Park. At the entrance we find a panel that warns us that the animals can walk since on the leash. Great!

The park is the largest green space in São Miguel (18 hectares), it’s free, has shades for picnics, cycle paths for cyclists and walkers, sports machines, children’s playground, all integrated in the nature.

At the entrance there is also Quinta dos Azores, a place that allowed Pablo to enter every time I went there for a snack.

We did several walks there. It’s a place we’d love to have close to our home. We recommend that you always carry a bottle of water for you and your dog. You gonna need it!

Check this Pablo Friendly Spot in the map below:

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